Aventura in Dubai

Looking for an adventure in Dubai? You are landed at the perfect place to know about it.

Are you into zip-lining, rope climbing, thrilling adventures designed with mild to difficult levels of obstacles? Do you have the nerve and strength to cramp your muscles because when you are in Aventura, every inch of your body is at work? The Aventura park is dedicated to providing fun and thrilling adventures to all ages (age limits for kids mentioned on their page). Here’s how it work;

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Green Ghaf Trees of Aventura

You can buy your tickets from their website. Prices vary from adults to kids, and time slots are also available to select while you are purchasing your ticket. It’s very important to select the date and time online through their website because the time slots and dates are booked most of the times. Once you have bought your ticket, you have to reach the park on time because there is a training session given before you embark on your adventurous journey, and that session is must to be taken for everyone.

Here’s how we enjoyed our day at the Aventura park.

First things first, you have to reach there on time so you can have a training session they give before the adventure starts.

Their team of professionals will tie the harness on your waist which will have all the tools that we will use during our venture.

unnamed (4)
Lara Craft ready to roll 😉

That’s the harness can be seen in the picture around my waist. you can tie the water bottle around that too which is quite convenient.

unnamed (5)
Trainer explaining the tools and how they work

After a detailed training session, the trainer asks you to practice in his supervision, just in case we need his help at any stage. Their tools are very secure, there’s no chance of falling or injury unless you don’t pay attention to the training session.

unnamed (7)
Ali helping a kid during the practice session

They have five levels and you have 2.5 hours to complete the quests. Each level is harder than the previous one and is designated to colours on your wrist band. These wrist bands are allotted to you at the time of your entry based on your age and height. Here’s how the bands are categorized;

GREEN-Rangers (For younger kids)

BLUE-Rangers and Explorador (For elder kids and adults)

RED-Rangers, Explorador, Aventura, Thriller (For adults only)

BLACK-Explorador, Aventura, Thriller, Extreme (For adults only)

The one we had was BLACK which means we could go to all the levels from easy to the hardest. And that’s what we did, we went to the easy level first, which was level 2 (BLUE).

unnamed (6)
Level 2

For the first-timers, like ourselves, level 2 is equally exciting and easy. But I would suggest starting with level 3 for adults since you have only 2.5 hours and you don’t want to use your energy on level 2.

Level 2 Also known as Blue Level

We started with Blue level, as said it was our first time and we were also exploring the place. This level was so easy we thought we are ready for level 5 (Extreme), so went straight ahead to levels 5 after completing level 2(Explorador).

Level 5 – Extreme

That’s Ali climbing up like a pro but it’s not as easy as it looks. I was panting and sweating lifting myself up, probably because I didn’t go hiking for a long time. But damn the excitement and the rush was extreme too, I was pumped to finish this and reach the next obstacle.

unnamed (8)
Level 5 – Extreme


One thing that I am afraid of heights and secondly I should have bought the gloves because my hands hurt lifting my body weight clinging to the rough ropes and the wobbly web. I almost gave up here and thought in my heart why I came to this level. But once you complete it, that achievement makes you feel so good about yourself.

unnamed (11)
Level 5 – Extreme

This might be the most difficult obstacle for Ali, not because he was tired or afraid but these swings were so shaky, wavering like the wind as soon as you touch them. And that made it difficult to climb from one swing to the other.  For me, I would step my foot first onto the swing and then grip the rope to create balance, which worked good and steady.

unnamed (12)
The friends that didn’t let us fall 

Once you clear your obstacles, you reach to the zip line point and the zip lines move through the trees making you feel like Tarzan in the Jungle. The view from above on the zip lines is so beautiful that all the pain you went through clearing those obstacles rushes away. And if you are lucky to see the sun going down from that height, surrounded by trees, you feel so close to nature and it all seems surreal. The yellow sky looks like your reward for climbing this high and witnessing the beauty of nature.

unnamed (10)
Longest and last zip line of the tour


The last zip line was the longest of all, it crosses over the park through Ghaf trees and lands you at Aventure entry point.

I would rate our overall experience 9 out of 10, 9 because I think we should have been given gloves at the entry point to return before exiting, that would have made climbing the ropes much easier.

Its an amazing fun place to be, especially with a group of friends.

Me and Ali both got severe cramps, it was so difficult to move with those cramps, but we are ready again to visit them next week and finish all other levels.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Aventura and if you are planning your visit soon in future, let us know so we can go together.

Until then Wise Girl Signing off…..

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