Do you love Khusas and Kolhapuris like I do? off course you do, that’s why you are here and since you are here I am gonna tell you a perfect source to get amazing, super comfortable and stylish Kolhapuri Chappal in Dubai, that too in amazing price and you can get discount too using my code 😉 See, you visiting this blog is already saving you some $$$.

But before I start telling you about this amazing venture and my discount code, let’s know first why Kolhapuri is called Kolhapuri. well, the answer is simple, KOLHAPUR is a town situated in India which is quite famous for their hand made shoes, bags, and foooood. And for some reason whatever they make, they name it after their town, this Kolhapuri Chappal for instance and their Kolhapuri chicken karahi.

Now that we know why Kolhapuri is called Kolhapuri, let’s find out why it is very famous in India and Pakistan region. Let me tell you, I am a Pakistani, but I love Indian fashion, their clothes, shoes, jewellery, and I always wished to get my hands on their hand made stuff, and since the people of both countries can’t visit each other 😦 I almost gave up my wish until I find out this cool venture by the name of The Marigold Story on Instagram a few weeks back.

What is The Marigold Story

Operated by two very talented and beautiful girls Rupal and Sai, this venture works to provide us with high quality of Kohlapuri Chappals in Dubai straight from Kolhapur, India. What’s great about their Kolhapuri Chappals?

  1. 100% genuine cow leather
  2. Using upcycled material (love this part)
  3. Entirely hand-made
  4. Elegant, stylish, upbeat designs
  5. Pocket-Friendly rates

Here’s what they sent meKolhapuri chappal with pom pom on the toe and golden lace design

One more thing that is unique about them is, that they can customize your given design and colours too. If they have yellow chappal but you want to something green, no worries, they got your back.

Some more of their designs from their Instagram.

These look equally pretty under Indian/Pakistani wear or western wear, their neon ones are my favourite and I am planning to get them next.

If you are planning to get hands-on any of their design or get anything custom made, don’t forget to use my code “Bee10” for some discount. They also deliver all over UAE, India and now in Pakistan too.

Keep visiting my blog because I am going to style them with different outfits in my next blog post.

And don’t forget to send your love through your comments below, I love reading and replying to your questions and feedback.

Wise Girl signing off…


  1. I loved your blog. Your content is quality controlled. Your images and brief is making me want a Kolhapuri NOW.

    Im gonna order mine using your code.

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