Benefits of Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Continuing my series of Skin Care Routine, I would really want to talk about the Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask. You might have seen many other people talking about this mask and thought in your head that it’s just a hype, and not everything is true, but trust me “It’s All True”.

I was among those who thought it’s just like “Multani Matti” and there’s nothing more in it to offer, but let’s take a look at what exactly is Indian Healing Clay a.k.a Bentonite Clay.

What is Bentonite Clay? 

Well, in geological terms, this clay is named after the town “Fort Benton” it was found in, which is located in the US, and it is found in the ashes of volcanos.

For a long long time, it has been used as an emergency kit for soldiers to heal their wounds because it has healing properties and works as an antiseptic. It also has been used in drilling mud holes for a reason that it cools down the tools/drills being used to dig those mud holes. It is also used to decolourise wines, vegetables or oils.

Since we know now, that Bentonite clay has healing and cooling properties, along with being helpful in making wine and oils white, or bringing them to their original colour, we also know that all of these properties can be highly beneficial for our skin too. Let’s list down what we learned so far about the benefits of Bentonite Clay.

  1. Works as antiseptic
  2. Helps in healing wounds
  3. Helps in colour correction

So these are the few properties of a Bentonite Clay, which has been helping mankind ever since this clay was discovered. These are just a few main benefits listed with examples, but if you go deep into these benefits, you would know how it helps the skin fighting the acne. For instance, it’s used as an antiseptic, clearly means it kills germs. Since we all know acne are the result of dirt/sebum clogged in our pores, this clay helps cleaning those pores out of this gunk and tightens the pores so no more dirt can enter them.

It can be used after having a session of derma roller or derma pen at home since it has healing properties, this helps to heal the tiny fractures happens inside our skin when we use needles on our face. Those fractures are not harmful, those are the reason we use derma rollers or pens to intentionally tear the skin tissue so when it heals back, it heals the acne scars with it.

Since it is used to decolourise oils and wines and vegetables, we get the idea that it helps whiten or brighten things, which is exactly what it does when we use it on our skin. It purifies the skin out of all the excess oils, dirt, bacterias that don’t go easy when we use cosmetic face washes or cleansers. We know how an excess of oils on a certain area of the skin results in decolourising the skin, that’s why people with oily Tzone tend to have uneven skin tone on those certain areas.

There are many brands that sell Bentonite Clay by different names, some sell it with the same name too. What got consumer’s attention the most was “Aztec Indian Healing Clay”.

Aztec Indian Healing Clay
Aztec Indian Healing Clay

How to Use it?

Now that we are convinced of the beneficial properties Bentonite Clay or Aztec Indian Healing Clay has, let’s find out how we can use it on your skin.

For the best results, it is recommended to use it with Apple Cider Vinegar. ACV is highly beneficial in killing skin bacterias, it has multiple benefits for our skin/hair and body. When we mix it with the Bentonite Clay, it creates a bubbling sound that is so satisfying to watch, since a combination of both works great on our skin.

Picture Credit: American Garden

It will make a semi-thick paste when you will take one tablespoon full of the Aztec Indian healing Clay and 30 ml of ACV. Or you can use your instincts while measuring the quantity of both the Clay and the ACV according to your need.

Apply it evenly onto a clean dry face and let it dry for around ten minutes. Wash it off with the help of a sponge, wet your sponge with water and remove the clay from your face.

You might experience a bit of redness and dryness after the use, but that’s very normal and doesn’t do any harm. Just apply your usual moisturizer to fight the dryness and redness. You will see a clear difference on your face after the wash, it will look more clean, brightened and tight.

TIP: Please check the expiry date of any clay that you are going to buy. 

I got mine from iHerb because they mention everything in details before you purchase any item like expiry date, weight and dimensions of the box. I have already emptied one jar of the clay and thinking to buy another one but this time of a different brand just to see any difference. However, the one I have recommended above is absolutely amazing and lasts more than 6 months.

TIP: It is ideal to use it twice a week for best results. 

If you are in Pakistan, it is easily available on so many facebook groups and pages sold by individual sellers. And if you are in UAE, you can get it from Amazon or noon easily. This product is not available in stores so the only option you got there is ordering it online. As I mentioned earlier, do ask for expiry date before purchasing.

I am sure you wil love it when you use it the first time on my recommendation and might come back to give me your feedback here, I am always available for your questions and queries.

Don’t forget to send your love my way through your comments. I will see you guys again in my next blog…

Wise Girl signing off….