Yellow Crochet Bag

Do you love hand made or handwoven stuff? Cuz I am a big big fan of hand made things, for me, they seem more personalized and the finishing is always so smooth and nice.

Recently I received something very beautiful from Craft Me, they sent me one super gorgeous yellow hand crochet satchel bag which is so beautiful that I am literally obsessed. Making something using only your hands in an old fashioned way requires a lot of time and concentration, it’s not like a machine that you can make tens of copies at one time, each piece takes the same amount of hard work and passion. And I really applaud all those small businesses keeping the tradition of handwoven stuff still alive. Let’s know a little about this venture before we move on..

What is Craft Me?

Craft me is an e-commerce venture started by a young engineer who had a passion for crocheting. After she got terminated from her job, it was that time she decided to turn her hobby into a small business, she does all the crocheting herself, the purchasing of the material, the designing of her products, quality control, marketing, packaging and handling the entire sales division herself through her Instagram.  she has been doing crocheting for over 25 years but her venture in 2 years old.

Her story is so inspiring just like her work, and that’s the reason I love her products more because they are made with honesty and love. I urge you guys to check her profile and send her your love and appreciation by purchasing through her. You can use my code “Bee10” for some discount as well. Read through the end of my blog to check out my favourite products from her collection.

What they sent me?

Yellow Crochet bag

This beautiful yellow crochet bag or satchel bag which is so cute that I keep it covered in a plastic bag so it doesn’t get any stains, I love it so much that I am very picky at using it on daily basis, I would rather use my 250$ kate spade even if I am going out for a grocery but this one is special as I said earlier how I love hand made things, and how they seem so personalized. The effort and passion a hand made bag has, can’t compete with a 250$ branded bag, that’s how I feel about things.

Yellow Crochet bag

Here’s a closer look at the bag to show it’s quality. I have seen and browsed many crochet bags but this one is by far my favourite both in design and in quality.

Yellow Crochet Bag
Yellow Crochet Bag

Here are some more of their products that I loved and planning to buy in the near future using my own discount code 😉

Both of these satchel bags look so trendy and different, the quality can be clearly seen in the pictures. And those cushion covers are so colourful giving a boho vibe, which is quite in trend these days, although I believe anything that you like stays with you forever even if it has gone out of trend.

But hand made things can never go out of style. Therefore, investing in something hand made is always a good idea both in terms of quality and style.

I will be sharing more of favourite hand made stuff on my blog, so keep visiting xoxo

And don’t forget to use my code “Bee10” when you shop from Craft Me

Wise Girl signing off…..