This mask blew me away

I had heard a lotttt about Freeman’s products but I never got a chance to use any of their product, so recently when I was doing this skincare challenge and I was searching on for a drugstore mask to try on and got my hands on this super amazing thing ever.


some wise girl
super amazing clay mask EVER

I had no expectation of it at all, I was blank before using it. But woah when I wiped it off my skin and went to the mirror to see the result, I was in literal aw, my skin looked so fresh like an Avocado or if I had splashed a hydration bomb onto my face, I could literally feel my chin area (which suffers the most, the acne, the uneven tone) was so clear and bright, my cheeks were popping out with the pink flush.

It hardly happens that you spend a lot of effort and money on searching for a product and it turns exactly what you want from a product. Btw my skin type is normal to oily specially Tzone area, I have gotten stupid acne scars ugh, and uneven skin tone off course the chin area is slightly darker than the rest of my face. So all the products that I use or recommend are basically circling over these issues.

TBH I got this mask from my neighbour, but couldnt resist getting one for myself the same day. Living in UAE in difficult to find some products in the stores so online shopping comes in handy there. I got mine fromĀ iHerb , which I think they deliver straight from US, yes they charge a little amount of shipping but at least you get an authentic product at your doorstep all the way from US. They would mention each and every detail on their website from product weight to its expiry date which is so amazing and makes me wanna trust them evermore.

Hey guys the 7 days skincare challenge isn’t over yet, we have still 5 more posts to go, you can check all of these posts here on this Link.

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Wise girl signing off for now, but I will be back with more posts, stay happy stay hydrated and keep sending your love xx