Red Jumpsuit with Bohemian Necklace

Have you heard about Shein?

Of course, you have, I have around 100 things purchased from Shein, well not 100 but almost 100, maybe 99.

if you ask me, a few months back, I wasn’t a frequent shopper, I was a dumb shopper, not choosy and that never worked for me. I would spend hundreds on particular items like I saw a model/blogger wearing checkered pants and dotted shirt, there I go to buy those thinking it would look nice on me. Or I saw a new trend of wearing a loose denim jacket, turns out, wasted my money cuz the loose is not for me. TRUST ME, it doesn’t work that way, you have to mix and match, your body shape, height, everything matters when it comes to buying the right clothes.

You know, maybe animal prints are not for you, or baggy pants are not your style, but how do you know what suits you before you start ordering it online, how do you identify which style is your style, how can you save money before experimenting, here are some tips and tricks;

  1. Alwaysss read reviews that have pictures with it, pictures of normal ppl like u n me wearing that particular piece. In reviews, you see all kinds of ppl wearing the same shirt, the tall ones, small, fat, thin, chubby, fair, brown, tan and there you get the perfect idea how it will look on you. I have rejected manyyyy outfits after seeing people wearing them in reviews. It just clicks if it will suit you or no. One of the reasons I order from shein a lot is the reviews with pictures on it. Helps me big time. (And the price is right)
  2. Find a perfect fitted pant if you want to go for a casual everyday look, that pant will be YOUR pant you can wear with anything at all. Find a medium loose pant if you want to wear loose pants, don’t buy something in between, it never looks nice and gives a messy look. better wear shalwar if your pants are not hugging your legs. I have seen people wearing loose pants looking like a sack. So No, No
  3. Do not wear a loose shirt with loose pants, unless you are victoria’s secret model with 5’10 height and 40 kgs of weight.
  4. You might be surprised but what bra you wear also affects a lot on what you are wearing, like a padded bra doesn’t go well with a crop top, gives a very busty look. Unless you know….
  5. Always have a plain white and a plain black shirt in your wardrobe, they come in handy when you are indecisive of what to wear, just pull up a black shirt with your denim skin-hugging pants and pair it with any of your jacket, shawl, upper, anything.

I have so many more ideas to share about finding your right style because I have wasted a lot of money and experienced a lot of failed purchases and finally reached to a point that I found my comfort style.

Now I will show you my two pictures taken in the same dress but in different places and time. Pic 1 is in Malaysia around 2 years back and I am wearing a red jumpsuit with 3 inches high wedges, and a wristwatch.


So in Pic1, what’s not be done here;

  1. Black long hoodie doesn’t look good at all, instead a denim would have looked great
  2. That high heel isnt going with the color and classy look of the jumpsuit
  3. That handbag is a bit too big for the whole look
  4. Something prominent in jewellery should be worn to complement the look
  5. The neck look bit empty

Now let’s check pic2;


Some Wise Girl


Now, folks, you see I have accessorized more in Pic2 be it on my hands or around my neck, I changed shoes too because black heels are going great with Red jumpsuit. Pairing it with a piece of fine jewellery around my neck made it more appealing to the eye style-wise along with the touch of that cutest butterfly ring.

I am carrying my red nine west satchel bag with it, although black would have looked equally great or better. But I didn’t have black so….

One more thing, Pic1 and Pic2 has 2 years gap, and in those two years I learned a lot about styling better and shopping smarter.

Well, in Pic1 the shoes I am wearing are from Salsa Jeans which is quite a famous brand for their denim pants and since those shoes were on sale, I made a huge mistake and bought them online just because they were on sale and the brand was good and that it was on sale. See, how we make mistakes when doing online shopping.

Just because it was on sale and just because the sale was on a famous brand, I didn’t care about reviews, I didn’t bother to go to the store and try the shoes on first before buying, I simply bought them and they don’t suit me at all. Sigh!!

But thank God, now I can save my beautiful girls from making the mistakes I made and share my experiences with you through my blog.

Keep sending your love babies, I love it when you read my blogs and send me appreciative dms, thank you so much xx

I will come back again with more outfit/styling ideas, but for now

Wise Girl signing off…….