Useful Ideas for Living Room Corners

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Ughh, the struggle I have to go through every time I start a new blog, and that is, how to start it.

Since we the Dubians are enjoying the winters these days which feels like spring because the lowest temp is only 18 here (as far as I remember), and these few months of winters are my favourite time here in Dubai. You can finally go out in daylight to your favourite outdoor places, enjoy the sun, travel the bus ride and take some pics under the sun. Although there’s a lot of sun throughout the year you know the summer sun isn’t very friendly with the people.

It’s is said that your house is a representation of your mind and personality. Even if you cannot decorate your whole house as per your liking, you can always create a happy place in any corner of your house.

My first rule of home decor is that you don’t have to go for something very expensive just because it will look nice. Something that looks nice often starts boring us and we want to replace it in a year or so.

My second rule of home decor is that don’t go for something cheap only because it serves your purpose because sooner than later the quality of the product will start showing and you will have to replace it.

Especially if you are living in a rented apartment, try to spend a minimum on fragile decor items so they don’t break or lose their quality while shifting.

Lately, when I started redecorating my lounge, my small lounge, it’s making me realize maybe I am overcrowding it, although I am not. Since my idea is to use spaces in the corners which usually go wasted or max we do is, put a small coffee/side table to cover that space.

One of the corners I recently used as my workspace;

I am not Ikea obsessed but incidentally, I got all this required stuff from them

You can also see my tiny cute Aroma Diffuser, which I love using cuz good fragrance is my weakness and home isn’t clean unless it smells nice.

This Aroma Diffuser I got from Organic Aromas, reason being, it looks super cute, easily moveable, functions easy and is electric. Check out their collections here.

They have a wide range of organic essential oils too and my current favourite is their Lavender Essential Oil.

My next assignment is to furbish the small wall part by the curtain for which I am spending 4hours out of 24hours of a day to collect ideas and online window shopping.

Oh btw, notice that laptop stand on the table? this has been such an amazing buy since spending too much time on the laptop was affecting my posture plus neck aches ughh. I got mine from here.

This does not stop here folks, I am still in this process for furnishing my corners and my living room. Stay tuned for more and if you have some super cool fun ideas for small lounge decors, ping me pls.

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