Save your earrings – make this earring tray

Arranging my earrings tray


Wo kehte hain na…. zrorat ejaad ki maa hoti hai, ejaaz ki nahi, ejaad guys. Stay with me.

I had been watching “Full house” a lot these days and I learned from Joey to open a conversation with a joke, it goes great. It’s a very nice, family oriented series and I think every parent should watch it. There’s so much to learn and laugh in it. Ani-way the blog isn’t about full house but you know “Danny” in the series talks a lot, he just goes on and on, and I think,….. I watch too much of House Full on Netflix. Brb guys, I will go watch something else to get myself back on track.

So the story is, sardio ki tareek raat thi (it was a cold winter night) and I had to get ready for a dawat, we were already late, I was looking gorgeous in my pink ensemble and my smokey eye look (cuz someone was smoking right by my side and it was going straight into my eyes, hence the smoky eyes), it was 9pm, my body was shivering with the cold but I didn’t want to wear a shawl cuz it will hide my pretty dress, although the cold was reaching into my bones. I was ready to leave and only had to get my earrings so I can wear them in the car. In all the chaos, I opened my drawer to grab my new set of earrings just to know that it was stuck, it was intermingled with my other earrings, and my locket and my other necklaces. It was a mess, everything was stuck together in each other’s chains and hooks and stones.

Imagine, now I had to spend a lot of time to detangle everything safely so my new earrings won’t break. I kept trying and trying but I couldn’t save it. They were stuck, the only way to detangle was to break new earrings and save the other earrings and lockets and necklaces. My new earring sacrificed itself to save it’s fellow jewels…

But that incident was it for me. I was heartbroken and devastated. I saw my earring die right in front of my eyes, heck I had to kill it myself.

I knew I needed a solution, I knew I need something to separate my jewels, give each one a separate room, where they can safely have a long life with no one intermingling in each other’s life, well who doesn’t like freedom and privacy?

So I looked and looked for earring holders, storage boxes, jewelry boxes, all kind of boxes, but I couldn’t find anything that would give each of my earring a separate room, something that won’t take all the space in my room.

You know how Newton found gravity while he was lazy lying around under a tree and the apple fell on him and he said “that’s it, I found gravity.” Well, I was making breakfast in my kitchen and I saw this crate with eggs in it lying separate, each having their own room, no third wheeling. I was like “that’s it, I found a new home for my earrings where each one will have their own separate room, no more poking of other jewels, no more taang arana of others.

It was Ramadan and I recently had received a date box from somewhere, you know those dates with nuts and stuff in it. Well, the box was perfect for me to start making a earring holder. The only thing I needed was a spray paint to give it a bling and shine. To make it look new and pretty.

Here’s what I needed

1. Egg crate or date crate

2. Spray paint (color of your choice)

3. Old piece of cloth or sufra to protect your floor from getting paint stains

Here’s what I did

1. Spread the cloth/sufra on the floor, it should be big enough to cover quite a space cuz spray paints travel fast

2. Shake the spray paint bottle and start spraying the crate. Be careful, watch for your eyes and face, you can wear gloves if needed, to avoid spraying your hands

3. Let it dry for 2 minutes

4. Do the final coat of spray paint.

That’s it, let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes, don’t hold it until you are sure it’s dried well. And your beautiful earring holder is ready.

Put your earring carefully in each compartment of the crate. You can keep it in your drawers or on your table, it’s quite easy to shift from one place to the other.

Here’s how it looked after I put the earrings into it.

And how gorgeous it looks on the dressing table;

I also made one using the eggs crate. Here’s how the one made with eggs crate looks like;

The good thing about this one is, that I can hang my rings on the cones too.

They both look equally pretty and elegant on the vanity. And by far you already know how easy they are to make.

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