Biscuit Pie – my most loved dessert

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Yes you asked me the recipe and here it is.

I learned this recipe from my Phupho almost 6 years back and made it first time last year for guests. It was the first EVER dawat I hosted cuz before marriage all I made at home for guests was “Raita”. How things change after marriage…. sooo, for the dawat I chose the dishes carefully, not wanted it to be conventional chicken karahi type dawat, I wanted something different, but also desi but not chicken karahi or qorma. So that’s what I made

1. Honey/barbecue chicken wings

2. Mexican Pasta

3. Potato Cheese balls

4. Biryani

And for dessert

5. Biscuits Pie

Yasss my dawat was a hit, I actually didn’t care for any tareef cuz I was happy about my choice of dishes and it all turned out great. Worst part is, in all the preparations, I forgot to take pics 😥 I did take pics but at that point half of it was already gone.

Getting back to the recipe of dessert, as it only takes few ingredients and making time is almost 10 minutes, but trust me if you make it right, your guests will love it.

So ladiezzz and gentlewomen here’s the recipe


1. Condensed milk 1 jar

2. Marrie biscuits 1 big packet

3. Crushed dry fruits 1 cup

4. Fresh cream 1/2 cup


Take a square shaped deep dish

Make first layer of Marrie biscuits

Mix condensed milk and fresh cream, spread it evenly onto the layer of biscuits

Sprinkle handful of crushed dry fruits

Make second layer of biscuits and repeat the process of condensed milk and cream mixture layer and crushed dry fruits

Make up-to 4 layers

For the finishing, garnish it with either blueberries or strawberries or any cherry but that’s optional

Freeze it for almost 4 hours

Take out from the freezer when guests arrive.

Cut into squares within the dish, and serve.

Can serve up to 6 guests.

And if guests ask for recipe, share this link with them ☺️

Biscuits Pie

Share the pics when you make it so I can post them on my insta stories.

Happy cooking.

Some Wise Girl signing off