Cost Efficient and Fun Filled 3 days in Singapore

Travelling to different destinations have never been this easy as it is if you are living in the UAE.

Trust me when I say this. I mean travelling to Europe seems like a piece of cake, not all of it per se but a few parts of it. If you are living in UAE, you would see a lot of ads popping up on your Facebook, Instagram or spamming your Gmail giving amazing package deals for travelling to Georgia or Armenia.

But honestly, I didn’t want to start my travel journey from Georgia or Armenia or even Turkey. Not because they aren’t beautiful countries to visit but they seemed too easy. (Although we should always start with easy)

We had already decided our travel destination, I was browsing through different travel websites for some suitable packages/deals with suitable dates for us, and I shortlisted Holidayme and Holiday-Factory. For some reason, we didn’t chose Holiday-Factory (I think a colleague had good experience with Holidayme, so we went ahead with Holidayme).

It was a prepaid package with confirmed tickets and hotel booking, and also you can convert your trip to instalments if you are purchasing the package with the credit card of certain banks. Before booking, you can check with the customer care of Holidayme if your bank affiliates with the instalment plan they are offering.

I and hubby were more drawn to Singapore and wanted to visit Malaysia as a bonus. And hence we both had our research done mostly about Singapore.

Since the trip is for 3 days only, book a flight which lands in Singapore early morning, to make the most of the day.

Day 1. Arrival at the Changi Airport

The “sabza” (“greenery”) starts right from the airport

We reached the airport in the early morning, around 7:30, through an amazing flight experience with Singapore Airline.

Btw you can easily find a new sim right at the airport, and it’s a very good option if you buy a sim, makes life easy.

Fact: Singapore Airline was awarded “World’s Best Airline in 2018”.

Since it was a night flight, plenty of sleep was reallly important if we wanted to start exploring as soon as we land (that was early in the morning). And we did get good sleep, thanks to the comfy seats and cosy blankets we were given. We slept like babiez..zzzzzz.

IMPORTANT: You should know that you cannot check-in into your hotel before 12:00PM (unless the hotel has an empty room to let you in). So you only go to your hotel to drop off your bags and get moving.

^That’s what we did.

The best part of the hotel, let me tell you….. (gasp) it was near “Arab Street (Haji Lane)”  which is soooo pretty only my eyes can tell. Cuz the camera cannot do justice to the beauty we see. I can live in Singapore 3 extra days just to be in that place and do nothing. Just look around the colourful buildings, cafes, nightlife, happy people enjoying their life…… choti choti khushiyan. :’) Brb… got something in my eye there.

Can you see the old couple taking pics, and a young couple passing by, the happy faces. (Insert violin playing in the background)


Here’s what you can do in three days visit to Singapore and save your taxi bills;

Find a Hotel Near Arab Street (Haji Lane):

Our hotel was on Jaln Al Sultan (Jaln means street), it was in a very convenient place. The taxi was easily available within 2 minutes radius, Arab street had good restaurants, it was comparatively closer to most of the tourist places in Singapore which will save you some taxi fare. Maximum we paid for a taxi would be SGD 20$, which is around 50 Dirhams.

Cover Two to Three Places in One Day:

The hotel where we stayed in, gave us a very precise map of Singapore highlighting the Tourists spots. We decided to go to two places on day one, which are closer to each other so we can take a taxi to one place and walk to the other.

All you have to do is, select two places closer to each other. It must include one place which you can enjoy at a day time and another in the evening. For instance, we went to Gardens by the Bay on a taxi (Cost SGD 20$ from our hotel) at day time, all day Ticket price is SGD 23$. It’s huge because it has three gardens there, the Cloud Forest, the Flower Dome and of course the Gigantic Supertrees.  These supertrees include a dazzling light show in the evening.

Fact: Supertree’s light show is entirely Solar-Powered.

I must add here that Singapore is extremely environment-friendly, and I love how they instil this trait in kids at an early age to save water, environment, and electricity. Job Well Done!

From Gardens by the Bay after watching the extraordinary light show, we had a good 20 mins walk towards Marina Bay Sands, It’s an enormous hotel by the Bay with a mall (The Shoppes) at ground level and a lake passing by the mall. We thought we will have dinner somewhere in the mall but since it was too pricey we aborted the idea, sat by the bay sands a little, soaked-in into the beauty this country is, enjoyed some peace around water and went back (by Taxi) to Haji lane to eat something within our budget.

So overall cost for day 1;

  1. Taxi  fare (SGD 40$ return)
  2. Ticket Price (SGD 23$ each)
  3. Food & Snacking (60$ Lunch & Dinner For Two)

Places Covered in 1 Day;

  1. Haji Lane
  2. Gardens by the bay
  3. Marina Bay Sands

Picturesque Classification

Day 1 Breakie (I hate this word but) Haji lane, probably Bangoli Restaurant. Cheap and Delicious


Arab Street (Haji Lane) Day view
Flower Dome – Gardens By The Bay
Cloud Forest – Gardens By the Bay
Supertrees Solar-Powered Light Show
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Lake Inside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay sands night view
Haji Lane night view
Turkish Cuisine at Haji Lane for Dinner (Not so good)



Places visited on day two:

  1. Universal Studios
  2. Sentosa
  3. Clark Quay
  4. Merlion Park
  5. Little India

Sounds like a lot in 1 day but we were not tired by the end of the day, we were happy and it didn’t seem like a lot, to be honest.

Reached Universal Studio’s by Taxi within 15 minutes from Jaln Al Sultan paying SGD 14$, traffic situations were clean and clear, weather was sunny with 24 degrees temperature.

Universal Studios is much like IMG world or Motion gate here in Dubai with Rides, so we didn’t go inside because we like to explore the city in a different way, roaming the streets, walking from one place to another, examining the city cultures, people, nightlife etcetra. But if you are into rides and fun activities or if you are with kids, spending one whole day would be really fun and exciting for you.

We just roamed around, had some snacks, saw people chilling, bought some chocolates and candies for fam, took some amazing pics in front of the globe and moved on.

The Adult Ticket Price for Universal Studios Singapore is SGD 75$ per person. For kids, it’s SGD 56$. You can buy your tickets online here.

Sentosa and Universal Studios are very close to each other, especially if you would like a good 20 mins to walk. Here’s a map illustration of our walk journey towards Sentosa from Universal Studios.

Thank you hubs for the map :p

That is Merlion Statues of the Sentosa Island highlighted in yellow. And the globe world highlighted in red is the entry point of Universal Studios. So you can track the path we used, to walk from Universal Studios to Sentosa.

The weather was good in October, Temperature was 23 to 24 degrees at noon, so the walk didn’t melt us much, we had some drinks from 7-Eleven (shown in map) and lunch from KFC (shown in map).

Sentosa is the king of fun activities, name anything you want to do in a country, you would find it there. Water adventures, Madame Tussade, Butterfly & Insect Park, Meeting Dolphins, Beach Fun, shows, Nature & Wildlife, Sea Aquarium, Adventure Park with zip line, climbing, jumping, bouncing and so much more. Phew!! I have only listed a few of the activities here, it’s like a small city filled with fun activities with kids, with family, for couples.

Here’s a picturesque illustration of our day 2 visit to Universal Studios, Sentosa, Clark Quay, Merlion Park & Little India;

A walk to remember?

Spending an hour around the Universal Studios, we walked towards Sentosa, if you see the above picture closely, you would see the Merlion Statue visible from the corner. You only have to walk towards it to reach Sentosa. A map illustration I have already put above.

And we Reached Sentosa.

Looking at these pictures, I wanna go back there and take this pic again and feel the wind, the mild heat of the sun, hear the birds chirping, kids laughing.

Singapore: “So Easy to Enjoy, So Hard to Forget”

Merlion Statue behind me

Usually, when I go on trips, I tend to wear white nail polish for many reasons. For starters, it goes with every dress, every color. It is prominent on your nails, easily visible in your pictures, and it is always in fashion.

BeFunky-collage (1)
The Insects Kingdom and Butterfly Park

What an ideal place for people who are always watching the National Geographic channel and dreaming to touch these creepy creatures. Kind of a dream come true for my daring husband, while I was screaming in the corner all that time and he was holding and touching all kind of insects including a Scorpion.

Madame Tussaud Singapore

One has to be there at least once in a lifetime since wax statues are always a good experience to meet your favourite celebrities, although looking at the wax statue of Kareena Kapoor, it didn’t seem it justified the actual beauty she is. For once, I couldn’t recognize if it’s her, see for yourself, am I wrong kids?

Nevertheless, my husband loved having an encounter with Shahrukh and I loved having a nice cup of tea with Audrey Hepburn.

Clark Quay was our next stop, one of our friend had insisted that we should go there, so we went, it is a beautiful place, peaceful and serene. There are a lot of restaurants and pubs there, and it’s a lot like Marina here in Dubai but only less crowded or congested. we only spent a few minutes there, didn’t want to eat so we left.

Our next stop was Merlion Park, it’s around 20 minutes walk from Clarke Quay so we started walking towards it with the help of Google maps. There’s one benefit of walking towards your next stop, you get to see a lot on your way. We covered almost all of the Clark Quay by walking towards Merlion Park and it was such a beautiful feeling seeing people busy with their everyday life, some were jogging by the lakeside, some were cycling, some had just gotten free from their offices and were walking towards their homes. I would suggest to walk more on your trips and take fewer taxi rides, you will see a whole new world.

BeFunky-collage (4)
LHS: A view from Clark Quay, RHS: On the way towards Merlion Park

There were a lot of buildings/churches/famous places/parks we crossed on our way towards the Merlion Park and on our way back,  each building is more beautiful than the other, and it all seems so perfectly placed.

BeFunky-collage (5)
On our way towards Merlion Park
BeFunky-collage (6)
Images from the Merlion Park

Merlion Park also like Clark Quay has a lot of restaurants and is a very family friendly place to pass some good time.

Our next stop was Little India, which is a bit far from Merlion Park as we were using the assistance of Google map throughout, so we decided to walk back towards Clark Quay, and explore the city so we can reach to a point where we could find a cheap taxi. Our major intention was to explore the area, also we could hear church bells ringing and I really wanted to see this St. Andrew’s Cathedral from inside but unfortunately, it was closed when we reached there. On our way, we saw this magnificent building of Singapore’s National Gallery, it is so beautiful and huge that one cannot ignore looking at it. I wonder what it would be like from inside, and it amazes me how much this country is investing in art and architecture. There’s an all-day pass to go inside the gallery and children below age 6 have free entry.

BeFunky-collage (7)
Wandering on the roads of Singapore

It was the day of Diwali so Little India was all lit with festive lights which made it look more attractive and a fun place. it’s like a huge Bazaar with so many small shops, prices cheaper than the usual. Some antique decoration pieces, jewellery and handmade/hand knitted accessories, wind chimes, home decor items and much more. I tried wearing Gajra too for the first time, a very sweet lady in a shop helped me wear it. They have a huge Mandir inside the Bazaar, and it has almost all the hindu gods you see in Bollywood movies and you encounter them for the first time like they too are some celebrities.

BeFunky-collage (3)
Little India

From there we got a taxi and went back to our hotel, all tired and happy, ready for the next day.

The overall cost for day 2:

  1. Taxi ride to Universal Studios from Jaln Al Sultan (12$ SGD)
  2. Lunch/Snacks/Dinner (70$ SGD)
  3. Taxi Ride to Little India from NGS (10$ SGD))
  4. Taxi Ride back to Hotel (11$ SGD)

Tip: Calculate your taxi fares beforehand here at Taxi Fare Calculator


Places visited on day 3

  1. Jurong Bird Park

It was our last day in Singapore and we secretly wished we had more days but also were ready for our next destination, Malaysia. We only had a few hours in the morning to visit a place, we had to decide which place to go in a short period. Ali wanted us to go Chinatown because I was interested to do some shopping and I wanted to go to Bird Park because I know his love/interest in Nature, Birds, Animals, Insects, Galaxy, Science and so on. We are weird, we fight to go to places the other likes.

But honestly, I am glad we went to the Bird Park because when we were inside the park, having fun, it started to rain.

Jurong Bird Park is extremely green, and rain made everything look even fresher and pristine. It’s humongous, do wear comfortable shoes because there is so much to explore inside, at some places it gives you the feel of being inside a jungle. I loved watching flamingos so close, it was serene looking at those beautiful creatures of God and admire them and thank God for making His world/creatures so beautiful. There’s a huge variety of birds, some are caged and some are open. At some point, you are in aw seeing a bird which you might have seen in a Discovery Channel documentary and you are so happy to see that bird so close to you. Even writing about it makes me wanna go there again.

Picturesque Classification

BeFunky-collage (8)BeFunky-collage (10)BeFunky-collage (11)BeFunky-collage (14)

BeFunky-collage (12)
Jurong Bird Park

We were there in the park for almost 3 hours, we had a flight to catch and we were in a hurry. It was so hard to take a leave from the park, I on my part, wasn’t ready to leave so soon.

But, there was no time for any emotional drama, so we left the park to pick our luggage from the hotel and said sayonara to Singapore.

Although every place we went to, had its own brilliance, my favourite was the Arab street and visit to Jurong Bird Park. Arab street for its colourful architectures and Bird Park for its greenery, the jungle feel and that barish.

I am hoping my blog will be helpful to many out there who are planning their trip to Singapore, and if you are not, please do. You will love the country, their cultures, their good intentions and concerns for the environment, water, beauty, cleanliness and safety of people.

You can reach me for any questions through comments or on my Instagram or my email address.

Do share/comment if you loved my writing.

Sayonara, for now, see you in the next blog soon. Till then take care of yourself, your health, your happiness, your family and your friends.

Wise Girl is taking off….






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