Few Things You Wanna Know About Me

Holla babies!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The above quote was already there when I opened up this page and I thought, why not, let it be there. I got something for my blog written for free. Cool

I was a blogger two years back, then life happened. (life usually comes in our way and tries to change our direction) but if you are compassionate and committed to your heart, you find your way back on the track.

Aniee-way, I was being dramatic on the above para, so the simple story is, I got busy in my job hence I couldn’t give time to my blogs.

Who is she?

All you need to know about me is my name and what I do. I don’t think at this point I shall tell more about myself. And yes, you are not allowed to ask me my age, weight and sleeping patterns, these things piss me off. “Kitni weak ho gye ho”, “sari raat jagti rehti ho”. These are the reasons you are not allowed.

But since I had been bullied about my height for many years cuz all my family is freaking talllll and now I am a grownup and me know how to handle bullies so I would scream my height in their faces who tell me “choti c ho”. I am 5’2” and I love it. In fact, I don’t like talls, smalls is so better, you would know if you were small.

Why she blogs?

Basically, I want to build a beautiful website of my own, I think that’s my motivation for starting a blog. You know how you want something that is only yours, your personal space, that’s what my website will be for me. MINE.

I wanna add here that I am making my website myself, from scratch.

Final Touch

I am not here to depress you about your life, I am here to tell you how amazing your life is in its own way, how can you make it worth living with little touch-ups.

You know how a bride loves to get a final touch from the most senior artist for her makeup, and same is the limelight of her whole look. That’s what we got to do with our lives, give the final touch with something amazing always in everything we do, at least in most of the things. and that final touch will lead us to an astounding experience. Get ready girls, we are about to do it, yay!.

Ending this blog with a picture of me cuz every book has a picture of the author at the end of it. 😉


Oh well, you can see more of my work (merely pictures) on my insta. Here Instagram

I would love to know about you too, so tell me where did you grow up? What are your fears? What’s your passion? Talk it out while I make us some coffee 😉

See ya in a bit



  1. That was one unique introduction. I loved the way you conveyed things. Looking forward to more blogs from your side. You are definitely an interesting character.

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