Top 3 Fashion Fads This Winter

Before I start with anything else,
Here’s a tip: Don’t wear something that doesn’t suit you. Follow the trend but keep your personal style intact.
This winter wave have been very stylish. We saw many new trends and styles wore by our favorite icons. All of them are my favorite, they will be your favorite too.
Let’s have them all together under one window.
1. Adidas Superstar




These Adidas Superstar trainers are more than beautiful and now a days every other girl/guy/kid is seen in these. In fact whole family can wear this, they have sizes for everyone.
Isn’t it the cutest thing ever


And we saw our favorite celebs in Adidas Superstar trainers.
Kylie and Gigi pulling the Adidas Superstar trainers gorgeously


Mawra Hocane (Pakistani actress) at her best in Adidas Superstar
Wear them with your skinny pants or PJ’s, they will even look good with harem pants.
They are available in almost every other big shoe store. Prices may vary from country to country.
2. Crop Top Sweatshirts
I think I am in love with these trends and I want them to stay forever. Crop Top sweatshirts have been another crazy bandwagon of this season.


Gigi Hadid slaying like always
You can wear it with undershirt or/and also with a jacket.
Kendall and Gigi: Can’t get enough of these two
Kendall and Gigi are the trend setters for many girls out there, including myself. These two are often spotted carrying almost the same styles and we love them in every style and trend. ♥ ♥ ♥
I have recently bought a crop top sweatshirt from Forever 21 and it’s totally lit.


This shirt is still available on souq, open link here.
3. Choker Necklace 
Another hot trend this season which took the fashion industry by storm. You must have seen every other celebrity wearing a choker, be it from any country or region.
Looks like trends and fashions are connecting people.



Damn you Gigi ♥
Slay goddess: Kendall Jenner ♥
My personal favorite chokers are the bigger one’s. And also the Velvet one’s are amazingly gorgeous. We have chokers in our traditional Jewelry as well. Recently Maya Ali (Pakistani Actress) had been spotted wearing it on a friend’s engagement party.


Maya Ali wearing traditional Choker


Maya Ali wearing traditional Choker

These fashion trends are extremely beautiful, whoever will wear them will look not less than a celebrity.
All of these trends are my most favorite one’s. Do let me know about your favorite fashion trend this winter, I would love to hear from you.
Keep shining beauties.


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