Daily dose of NARS

In our daily life, we don’t tend to use too much of makeup as we see it trending now a days, just like all of you I was also looking for something that won’t standout on my face and is good for daily use.
It was my first experience using a foundation and a press powder, before that, I was using BB creams, but most of the times they were dry on my face so I thought to switch to a foundation for a daily use. 
I had few things in my mind before getting a foundation and compact powder, I wanted it to be a sunblock and a moisturizer too. So I don’t have to put two three creams on my face everyday. 
And I came across these;

This compact powder is SPF 24 and the foundation works as a moisturizer too. It’s been 3 months that I have been using these products, probably the right time to post a review.

Foundation Review:

Honestly, It has everything I was looking for, but let’s jot down some features below.
  • Highly pigmented, It will get balanced with your skin tone
  • No cracks, It perfectly blends with your skin
  • Extremely long lasting 
  • Works as a moisturizer 
  • No sweats (I never realize why foundations sweat on your face after you apply them, this one does not)
  • Hides blemishes, skin looks flawless and weightless
  • Your skin tone looks natural
  • It’s pretty smooth on your skin
  • Best for dry, normal to dry and normal skin.
  • If you have chosen the right shade for yourself, It will look extremely natural
  • You only need a little drop for your whole face
  • Love the packing 
Foundation Powder Review: 
  • Extremely smooth
  • Milky soft
  • Works as a sun block
  • Stays intact in all weathers
  • Doesn’t crack on your face
  • Good for normal to dry skin type
  • Balances with your skin tone
  • No sweats
  • If you have chosen the right shade, it will look extremely natural
  • Love the packing
Both foundation and powder I use are Punjab shade. I was surprised to see this shade specially made for Punjabi beauties.
And they have a special feature on their website where they can help you select the most suitable color matching your complexion. Check out there website here.

NARS is available in Sephora stores and online as well. To place order, click here.
These two stay in my bag all the time now.

You can use them daily as well as occasionally.

NARS is one of the best products in market which is harmless for your skin.

They are a little expensive but I don’t mind using best of the best unless my skin stays protected. After all, our face is our first impression.

Stay beautiful girls. I hope this blog was helpful for all of you or at least some of you.

You can give your suggestions too, I would love to know anything and everything about you.

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