A Trip to Whispering Pines Resorts

So actually just like many of us, the only place I knew about in Islamabad was Monal. That is a huge tourist attraction by the way, around 20k people a day visit Monal on holidays (that’s just my idea cuz I have been among those 20k every time, like all the time). I will be talking about Monal and hiking towards it in my other blog, stay tuned.

Let’s get back to this beeeeeautiful breathtaking place, 8 km above Monal, The Whispering Pines Resorts. In the heart of scenic Margalla hills, this place is to die for.

The road is high pitched, not muddy but the slopes are sharp, probably because it’s on the mountain top. You need to be a really good driver to reach on the top :p 


Me, my sister and two of my friends, we started our journey at about 10 am, and from F-6 sector of Islamabad it took us around 40 minutes to reach here. Not because of the distance which will be hardly 20 km, but because of the slopes and high pitched road. The plan was to spend whole day there and a night and leave early morning the next day, so we could enjoy both sunrise, sunset, breakfast, lunch, dinner lol, in short every bit of the day and night. We reached around 11 am and started looking for the perfect villa to spend night. Luckily not many of the villas were already booked so we had quite a few options and we could get the best one, yay.


We booked a two-bedroom villa for one night which cost us around 10k Pakistani rupees at that time, the villa was fully furnished, the living room was opening to a balcony leading to the mountain plains. It was kind of lawn with chairs, where you could enjoy your tea or breakfast surrounded by a panoramic view of lush green mountains. 
I couldn’t take pictures of outside the lounge because it was a little crowded and didn’t want to make the crowd uncomfortable with my camera so I thought to enjoy tea indoors, Nevertheless, it was breathtaking to view outside my window.

They have 24/7 room service but we did not use it much cuz we were too busy to explore the whole place rather sitting in our rooms and chatting. You will find many places to sit outside your rooms too, there are chairs, benches, wood logs, marble seating, or even stairs to sit for some time and enjoy the cold breeze. Every inch of the place is full of spell bounding beauty.


You can totally ignore me there :p 

You guys, the beauty was so enchanting that my sister lost her phone somewhere there because apparently, she was too busy getting herself photographed she forgot her mobile phone somewhere, which later she was able to find.

Outside view of the living room window. I couldn’t take a full view photograph considering the privacy of people sitting there.
By the way, the villa was equally beautiful from inside, as was the outside beauty, above all I found it very clean because cleanliness is my priority before booking myself a hotel. 


The living room where I was having my tea, they are using Dish Tv service there I guess, not sure. This picture I have taken from the whispering pines resorts website cuz I wanted to show you guys how the villa looked from inside.

It was worth spending my time and money on something as beautiful, secure and lavish as this. 

This was a two-bedroom villa, but did you see how huge it is for two bedrooms, I loved this about the villa ❤.
PC: Whispering Pines Resorts
To be honest spending 10k (Pakistani Rupees) for a staycation place like this is worth it to the core. You can even book it for your honeymoon too, or just for a hangout place. 
Take some time out and try going above Monal someday (; And thank me later :p
Free Wifi
24/7 Room service
24/7 Hot water in bathrooms
Do’s and Don’ts:
Do check weather update before planning your trip.
Don’t lose your phones. 

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